Compass has assembled a team with decades of experience in the dialysis industry. With our collaborative focus and knowledge of the industry, our collective goal is apparent: to always remain vested in the interest of placing the care of patients above all else.

Efraim Elchonen
Chief Executive Officer
As the founder of Compass Home Dialysis, Efraim has created a management team of highly motivated and experienced personnel who have a proven track record of successfully navigating the challenges faced by the home dialysis industry and who are uniquely suited to making sure that Compass will succeed in meeting the unique challenges confronting today’s health care providers. Efraim has a keen ability to define the overall direction of a company, build high-performing efficient organizations, and navigate complex situations while staying focused on the overall business objectives. For Compass, that means making sure that service to the patients remains paramount at all times. Embracing and overcoming challenges while keeping companies on sound financial footings is the hallmark of Efraim’s experience, which includes ensuring the financial covenant compliance for healthcare assets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and managing the growth of multi-million-dollar service industry projects. Efraim is a graduate of Touro College and New York Law School where he holds degrees in accounting and law, respectively.
Jeremy K. Graves
Chief Operating Officer
Jeremy is a proven leader in the dialysis industry with a track record of successful ventures, including the integrated delivery of dialysis to long term care patients in skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States. His commitment to a patient first culture brands Jeremy as an incredibly valuable member of the Compass Home Dialysis executive leadership team. Driven by a mission and vision to revolutionize the dialysis industry through providing care to patients on their terms, Jeremy and his team’s focus and ability to improve the quality of life for dialysis patients everywhere is an absolute realization. With more than 20 years of leadership in operations, finance and logistics, including serving in the United States Air Force, US State Department, and several efficacious start-up endeavors, Jeremy is poised to lead the operations of Compass Home Dialysis to the top of the home dialysis industry. It is Jeremy’s promise to the patients and team of Compass Home Dialysis to deliver the highest quality of care, while advocating for an attainable access to care model that rests in the ideology that every dialysis patient is deserving of individualized care, tailored to their needs and not the needs of the dialysis provider.
Jay Zelman
Executive Vice President of Long Term Care Division
Jay is a forward thinking leader in the long term care industry with over twenty years of direct experience as an individual operator and regional director of skilled nursing facilities. Jay brings an insider’s understanding to what makes skilled nursing facilities thrive. In particular, Jay understands the need for skilled nursing facilities to grow their capabilities and offer services to their residents, which provide them with choice, improved health and better long term outcomes. Jay’s deep knowledge of the industry allows him to partner with facility ownership, operators and administrators to develop an individualized in-house dialysis solution. His successful management of a $30 million facility replacement development project and knowledge of plant operations gives Jay the perspective necessary to help facilities smoothly and cost effectively navigate the planning and implementation stages of even the most complex projects. Jay’s ability to integrate Compass’ unique approach with the needs of its skilled nursing facility clients presents an exciting path to industry leadership.

Jay is also the founding partner of, an online facility maintenance management portal that is used nationwide by healthcare facilities to manage their physical plant. Jay has been the key facilitator in a number of facility turnarounds by introducing new services, including adult day care, pain management, peritoneal dialysis, telemedicine, and respiratory services. Jay holds a Masters of Science in Ed. Administration from Fordham University.
Jonathan Levitan
General Counsel and Vice-President of Business Development
Jonathan’s 25 years of legal experience in the health care industry has given him a broad perspective and deep insights into the legal and business factors that sustain health care providers over the long haul. As the former General Counsel for a skilled nursing management company with operations in multiple jurisdictions, Jonathan has a unique understanding of how that rapidly changing industry functions, responds to legal challenges, addresses regulatory compliance, manages labor and employment law matters and how Compass can bring value to those operations. Jonathan’s work with a wide network of ancillary healthcare providers gives him a holistic view of the greater healthcare system, which allows Compass to overcome barriers to fulfilling its mission and values. Jonathan is graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences and Law School, and holds licenses to practice law in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.