state of the art outpatient dialysis services

National Dialysis Accreditation Commission (NDAC) certified hemodialysis

Considering outpatient dialysis in the community?
At Compass Home Dialysis we recognize the value that traditional outpatient hemodialysis (also called in-center dialysis) holds for many. Traditional outpatient hemodialysis in our new outpatient center provides top-shelf Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and National Dialysis Accreditation Commission certified hemodialysis services in a growing number of greater Philadelphia communities.

The benefits of in-center dialysis include:
  • Having highly skilled dialysis technicians and nurses managing your dialysis treatments.
  • Having direct access to dialysis staff and ancillary services like dietary, social service, and administration.
  • Having a support system of staff and other dialysis patients to spend time with during treatment.
  • Having immediate access to technical services when machine or water problems occur.
  • In-center dialysis is managed entirely by highly skilled staff and is not affected by physical capability or limitations in the patient’s understanding or ability to understand or remember dialysis procedures.
  • In-center dialysis, lab draws, and doctor visits all take place entirely at the dialysis center.
  • In-center dialysis does not require a partner or any supplies in your home.
Traditional outpatient dialysis may be the ideal modality for those who enjoy socialization, have limited space at home, or require assistance with regular activities of daily living.
Consistent treatment schedule
No supplies to store in your home
No clean up time required
No treatment partners required
No dialysis equipment in your home
Immediate access to your treatment team during dialysis