dialysis your way

Individualized Staff-Assisted Home Hemodialysis

Information for patients interested in receiving hemodialysis in your own home:
Receive hemodialysis treatments at home using your own portable machine, the NxStage System One. Similar to traditional dialysis in a facility, you will still be cared for by a team of clinicians who share the common goal of delivering safe treatments while optimizing your health.

  • The Compass clinical staff will assist you in the comfort of your home with each dialysis treatment
  • Your blood work will be checked frequently and analyzed to ensure that your health goals are being met
  • All equipment and supplies will be delivered to your home
  • You will receive ongoing education in the areas of treatment, medications, nutrition, access care, and more
  • With more frequent dialysis treatments each week, you may have more energy, have an improved appetite, require fewer dialysis-related medications, and may enjoy a less restricted diet
Enjoy hemodialysis in the comfort of your home with the assistance of a high-quality staff member, making your personal health goals an absolute realization
Plan your dialysis treatment around YOUR schedule
Receive dialysis treatments in the comfort of your own home
Avoid time spent on travel to and from dialysis treatments
Spend your time and energy on the things that matter most in your life
Enjoy the benefit of improved health and higher quality of life with more frequent dialysis treatments
Receive the same level of high quality care, delivered by a team consisting of a doctor, nurse, technician, social worker, and dietitian