SNF home hemodialysis

On-Site Hemodialysis Provided in the Comfort of the Nursing Home

Information for skilled nursing facility administrators and discharge planners:
Deliver assisted home dialysis to patients who reside in your facility. Patients at your skilled nursing facility who depend on life-saving dialysis therapy can benefit from home dialysis treatments in the place where they live. A home-dialysis option that provides safety, expertise, and cost savings could be the right direction for you and your resident patients.

Providing dialysis therapy in the comfort of the resident’s home:
  • Reduces risks and variations in treatment and care
  • Can improve outcomes
  • Helps patients meet their personal health goals
Compass Home Dialysis is a Medicare certified, NDAC accredited home dialysis treatment, education and training program. Experienced and highly qualified clinical personnel provide training and education, along with staff assistance for patients.

The Compass Home Dialysis team is in charge of prescribed treatments, education, and home dialysis care management.
Reduce risks and exposure while improving your residents’
personal health goals, saving time and reducing costs
Residents enjoy the safety, comfort, and convenience of dialyzing at home and often realize significant cost savings associated with transportation.
Our skilled professionals deliver NDAC certified hemodialysis services in state-of-the-art, on-site dialysis suites.
By having dialysis in their home, residents will avoid long days of travel.
Home dialysis will help reduce travel-related risks and exposure for patients.
Residents are much less likely to miss rehabilitation sessions, recreational activities, meals, or medications because of dialysis.
With support from the Compass Home team, your patients will be encouraged to take part in creating a personalized dialysis plan that meets their individual health needs.