It is our promise to always ask one constant question behind every decision that we make:
“Does this offer the best possible outcome to the patient?”

What is the difference between in-center hemodialysis and home hemodialysis?
In-center hemodialysis is done 3 times per week at a dialysis unit and during the schedule given to you by the dialysis unit. Transportation is required to and from dialysis when done in-center. Home dialysis is done 4-5 times per week at your home or in your skilled nursing facility. No transportation is required and your schedule is flexible to your needs!
What’s the Dialysis Your Way© Program about?
Our Dialysis Your Way© program is revolutionizing the industry through the delivery of staff-assisted dialysis therapy within the comfort of the patient’s home. This program is designed to offer patients the ability to complete their dialysis treatments around their schedule and not the schedule of the dialysis facility. In essence, our organization brings this life-sustaining therapy to the patient’s doorstep, on their terms, delivered by our care team, thus empowering them to live a fulfilled life.
Can I have someone to help me do dialysis at home?
Yes! We offer several ways of ensuring that you are comfortable with administering hemodialysis treatments in your home. Compass offers the Dialysis Your Way© program and will assign a Patient Care Technician to help you with your treatments in your home. You will also be extensively trained, should you choose, to administer your own hemodialysis treatment. Additionally, you will be asked to choose a Care Partner, who can be a family member or friend of your choosing. Your Care Partner will also be trained to assist you with your home hemodialysis treatments.
Can I eat what I want now?
It will depend on your laboratory results each month but generally, most home hemodialysis patients have a less restricted diet due to more frequent treatments.
Will I feel more tired?
No! You will have more concise dialysis treatments (shortened duration of treatment and no transportation time), so you will have less of a recovery time on a daily basis. Also, having more frequent treatments will help to remove contaminants from the body that may otherwise build up and lead to fatigue or generally feeling sluggish.
How much fluid can I drink in a day?
This will depend on your body’s response to home hemodialysis as well as the number of treatments you receive each week. Some patients have the ability to consume more fluid than they had been while dialyzing in the traditional 3-day per week format.
Will I be able to talk to my social worker, renal dietitian, and nurse after my training?
Absolutely! You will have access to the same multi-disciplinary team that also works with in-center hemodialysis patients.
Will my insurance cover Home Dialysis?
This will depend on your insurance plan, but generally, yes. The Compass Home Dialysis Social Worker will be able to explore your insurance coverage and discuss the findings with you.